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What's Your Next Move?

Starting August 2024

Dip Your Toes In

Classical Mat Pilates is where it all began.   Learn the 34 mat exercises that started the movement as well as others that are often taught today in contemporary studios.  In addition you will begin to dive into functional anatomy, how to modify and advance exercises for all types of students.   The course is taught in two modules over three  weekends.  First module is foundational and includes anatomy  and pre-pilates exercises.  The second module will cover the classical mat repertoire as well as contemporary variations.

Deepen Your Practice

A mat training intensive is a great way to get more out of your current Pilates practice, even if you have no current plans of teaching.  Think of it as a user's guide to your body.  You will learn how to breath properly, anatomy of the core and how it ties together.  We will explore the bony landmarks of the body and learn postural analysis.

Steering wheel CC_edited.jpg

Beyond the Mat

The pandemic changed the world and how we teach pilates.  While we believe in person learning is optimal in learning the method, we have found the importance of distance learning both for ourselves and our clients. We are excited to now offer our Mat certification program online.  

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